Heart of Butterfly Flutters

More than 100 ways for young couples to get to know each other better!

With the Heart of Butterfly Flutters young budding lovers get to know each other in a playful way. With over a 100 scrolls in the Heart there are challenging questions and surprising tasks that will bring a lot of fun.

You’re head over heels in love! One look into each other’s eyes and the world around you disappears. There’s always a smile on your face and in this amorous mood your energy seems limitless. You can’t wait to see each other again. You want to know everything about the other, but it’s hard to ask and not that easy to tell…..

The paper scrolls in the Heart of Butterfly Flutters contain questions and tasks like:
'Tell your girl/boyfriend when she/he makes you melt. And tell them why at that particular moment'
'Get your camera or camera or phone and take some sweet, romantic or just stupid pictures of each other’

Take turns to pick out a paper scroll and get to know each other and who knows what else can happen!

Additional Info


  • Article number E27928
  • Language EN ES


  • Weight article (in kg) 0.1

Dimensions (l x w x h in cm)

  • Length article (in cm) 14.5
  • Width article (in cm) 5


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